390319_10150515034168194_1213737427_nMy dad was a photographer and maybe admiring his works in many magazines had a big influence on me. I played with his cameras and tools since I was a kid but this was still the old technology and when computers and digital tools came out, I could not resist to use them as much as possible ! After graduating from school I managed to get a job at “The Beat”, an entertainment guide magazine based in Bali, where I reside. I learned to work with Macintosh and advanced gears and how to apply these on graphic design.

To my delight, I was asked by my employer to also photograph and document many events, parties and functions of Bali’s pulsating and vibrant beachlife. I really enjoyed to learn how to grasp in pictures the best and unique moments of real live people, some action which requires fast decision making and spontaneous images ! One scene would never repeat itself twice and could never been missed ! After 2 years of intensive “event-shooting” and graphic publication work I started to long for new and different experiences. More stable subjects such as working with models and fashion , still life photography such as the exotic interiors and all the culinary delights of Bali. Merchandise and artworks in general. This required better lighting equipment and more advanced gear which I am updating all the time as much as my budget allows it !

I love photography and am now a freelance operator, already receiving many different assignments. Fashion is becoming more and more my main passion. I have assembled a great team of collaborators and assistants for major jobs and situations. I have fantasticaly beautiful and gifted models to star in my pictures. My customers range from restaurants and chefs, bakeries and delicatesse shops to boutiques, designers and magazines.